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Ancient Chamori  Love Potion

The ancient people of Guahan or Taotaomo'nas developed a very special and potent concoction, called: Agimat or Love Potion, which was used in the Sacred Ceremony of HACHA'GUA to cement the bonds of love between a Palo'an and a Lhi. The Agimat was also used as a therapeutic remedy to advance the sacredness of the bonds of HACHA'GUA, particularly with long-time partners and can be considered an annual testimonial. The Agimat recipe was very sacred for the Taotaomo'nas and has been protected for thousands and thousands of years. The Maga'Saina was never allowed to dispense the Agimat concoction to any unmarried member of the Chamori Clan. This was the greatest taboo of the islands.
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