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Traditional Links

PUGUA' International Corporation
Telecommunications Engineering and Consulting Services

Go Smart Technologies
"npTECH" Electric-Solar Hybrid

Micropacific Labs
Research & Development
Universal Research on Mental Telepathy
Universal Research on Mental Telepathy for Women (ONLY)
Universal Research on Telekinesis
Universal Research on Telekinesis for Women (ONLY)

Mataknga E-Commerce
Chamori Shopping Mall
Chamori Shopping Mall
Ebay Pacific Style

PUGUA' International Corporation
Corporate Headquarters (Publishing)

PUPULU International Corporation
Worldwide Consulting & Contracting Company

Ms. George Magazine
A contemporary magazine for the global American woman.
Kiwi Times NZ
"Perspectives on New Zealand and Australia"
The China Democrat Magazine
"Linking the Old World and the New World"
Arabia Times Magazine
Regional Magazine for the Middle East
Europa Times Magazine
Quarterly Journal of the European Community
Jolita Amerika Magazine
Perspectives on South Amerika
Pacific Times Magazine
An Online magazine dedicated to the cultures, languages and traditions of the islands..

Ancient Chamori Website
Traditional website dedicated to the Taotao Tano' of Guahan, Luta, Tini'an and Sa'ipan.
Ancient Chamori Funeral Rites
Dedicated to our Taotaomo'nas
Taotaomo'na Chant Line
Ancient Chamori Healing Line
Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding
The ancient people of Guahan or Taotaomo'nas believed in the sacred and heavenly union between a
woman and a man. They called the Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding Ceremony, Hacha'gua,
which means to be ONE or to become ONE. As one of the only surviving matriarchal societies in the
world, the Taotao Tano' capture the true meaning and symbolism of ancient class royalty and
womanhood in the perpetuation of their unique wedding system...Hacha'gua.
Ancient Chamori Massage Therapy
The ancient people of Guahan or Taotaomo'nas invented many massage techniques but the most
popular is the Hinilos Aniti, which centers on the use of wood and stone massaging implements.
Aniti Chant Line
The ancient people of Sa'ipan or Taotaomo'nas developed a unique but scientific method of healing
through chants. They believed that special chants organized in certain tones, pitch and
harmony tempers a person to exert positive receptor fluids which activate an internal charge mechanism.
An interactive Chant Line Network incorporated with our 800 and 900 systems.
Aniti Message Forum
Community Chat room for Pacific Islanders
Suruhanu Hotline
An interactive Web Based Network on traditional herbal remedies and recipes...incorporated
with our 800 and 900 systems.
Kuentos Hotline
An interactive Web Based Network on traditional interpersonal communications...incorporated
with our 800 and 900 systems.
Kuentos Message Forum
Community Chat room for Pacific Islanders
Ancient Chamori Chants
Collection of Ancient Chamori Chants by norbert perez (Under Cosntruction)
Sex and the Taotaomo'nas
Anthropological Article by norbert perez (Under Construction)
Ancient Chamori Royal Jewelry
Royal Wedding Jewelry designed by norbert perez
Guma' Uritao
Ancient Chamori Royal Home
Royal Wedding Recipes
Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding Recipes
The Menehune Twins
Ancient Kanaka Maoli Legend by norbert perez (Under Construction)
The Hula Princess of Samoa
Ancient Samoan Myth by norbert perez (Under Construction)
Love Stones for Ur Valentine
Trendy "His & Hers" Love Stones for Valentine

Native Tongue
Library of Languages to learn

Bob Johns' All Guam Links
Everything you want to know about Guam.